Formula for Moving Specific Columns from one sheet to another

Hi Guys

I have a few smartsheets that I'm working on.

1.Master Sheet

2.Construction Phase

3.Completion Phase

All these have some specific same columns. The data will be initially entered in the Master Sheet which will have a column " Next Phase" with a drop down list. Once someone changes the next phase to Construction phase I want some of the columns to move to the Construction Phase Sheet.

The Automation to Move rows do not work as it moves all the columns to the other sheet and hiding them is an option but that would be more work.

The Workaround I found for this is to have a bridge sheet for each of my sheets and then do a move rows automation to that bridge sheet when the Next Phase column changes. Then have an unique column called the "Entity Number" and then do a cell linking from the bridge sheet for the Entity Number to the Actual Construction Phase sheet with a Vlookup function to pull up all the other specific needed columns.

(Master Sheet -> Bridge Sheet (by move rows automation)-> Construction Phase(by cell linking and Vlookup)

This works well but unfortunately cell linking does not work for empty cells. So I'm not sure how a new entry would automatically move from one sheet to another.

Please Help.

Thank you!


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