Nesting Child Rows Automatically from a Form Submission

I'm trying to see if Smartsheet is able to work as a tool to help me automate RFQ document creation as well as order request tracking. I was wondering if it is possible to automatically nest items below a parent row instead of adding columns to the right when taking data from a Form Submission.

Breakdown of the problem: Each item needs an Item Name, Description, MFG, MFG Part Number, and QTY. So each additional item needed on the RFQ requires 5 additional columns of data on my sheet. Let's say I need to quote 25 items, which means my sheet needs to be 125 columns wide to fit that, which is clearly not effective.

I'm wondering if there is a way to have a Form Submission nest items under a REQUEST Number/RFQ Title that can be minimized. And, if there is, would this formatting be usable to auto-generate a form that's being used as a template.

Ideal outcome example: Row 1 "RFQ 02/15/2021" consists of 6 items that can be minimized like parent and child relationships for a project planner. Row 8 "RFQ 02/17/2021" consists of 15 items all nested below that RFQ Header. Row 24 "RFQ 02/17/2021" consists of 4 items. (See below for visual reference on how I would like my Form submissions to be logged)

Any advice is welcomed, and thank you in advance.