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Have I missed something or has there been a change in the way that Smartsheet webforms are accessed?

We use smartsheet forms extensively to gather health. safety and quality information and a lot of this is done by completing a form on a smartphone ot tablet.

We distribute the links to the smartforms by text to our users and this was a great way of getting new forms distributes to all of our workforce.

Recently we have been getting reports that the form links are directing the users to download and install the Smartsheet mobile app before they can use the form. This never used to happen, the form just opened direct from the text link.

I realise that the Smartsheet mobile app is free and it does give a better experience when completing the form but since we are asking people to use their own personal devices to complete these forms we can't force them to download the Smartsheet app.

Am I correct that their has been a change here or am I missing something, any advice welcome.

Murray Soutar

CRL Planning


  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @CRL Planning

    On the form settings, there is a security option that "requires people to log in to Smartsheet to access this form". Is it possible that got checked on your recent forms and the previous ones did not? I know that didn't really answer your question but it might be worth checking out.

    Have a great day!

    Matt Johnson

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  • Matt

    Thanks for your response. I am sure this not checked and people can access the form without being a member of our corporate account.

    The issue I have is it used to be a very easy link straight to a browser window but now you are directed to the Smartsheet app. It's not really a big problem since it's a free app but in a lot of cases we are looking to get non techy people to just complete a simple 2 or 3 line form on their phone without having to do anything clever.


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