Count of duplicates within the last 90 days


I need a formula to count the duplicate entries of 3 or more within the last 90 days. Then flag the row for a weekly report. I will group flagged row (clients) on a report.

I was able to count the duplicates but need help with the formula to count if it fits the criteria of "Date Created" within the last 90 days. I have a date created column and below is what I have so far.

Please help !

=IF(COUNTIF([ID#]:[ID#], [ID#]@row) > 3, 1, 0)


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  • Mark Cronk
    Mark Cronk ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Good evening,


    =IF(COUNTIFS([ID#]:[ID#], [ID#]@row, Created:created, >=TODAY(-90)) > 3, 1, 0)

    If your column name is Date Created change the range to [date created]:[date created].



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