= SUMIF(OR.......

Hi Smartsheet Community,

I wondering to know if it is possible to make a "SUMIF (OR.." : I explain:

In Sheet 1 = SHEETDATA

  • I have two columns with data (reference of product) and one with a number (size of reel)

As example:

LIGN1 : I can choose REF A in cell column1, REF B in cell column2, and 30 in column 3

LIGN2 : I can choose REF B in cell column1, REF D in cell column2, and 20 in column 3


My goal:


In this sheet with two columns: column 1 is REF, column 2 is the sumif. I want to obtain

REF A =30

REF B = 50

REF C = 0

REF D = 20

The formula: SUMIF( "ranges" SHEETDATA column1 OR column2; "condition" = REFA; "sum of" SHEETDATA column3)

How to make : search in column1 'OR' column2?

Thanks per advance for your support.