Data Uploader to a Sheet where primary column is calc of system generated


I am trying to use Data Uploader to update a Sheet where the primary column is a calc of a system generated column.

Primary Column =[System Generated@row

Uploader will run but it skips all of the rows on the source spreadsheet.

Is what I am trying to accomplish not possible?


  • Ben Goldblatt

    Hi @Joseph Cormier,

    If the goal is to have the Data Uploader pre-populate the primary column value with a formula result, you should be able to do this with an Expression.

    This would actually be set in the Mapping section of the workflow and then once it's set, the Expressions section can be used to modify what you've set up.

    When you get to the Mapping section, rather than mapping a value from the source file to the primary column in your target sheet, choose "New/Expression from the field's dropdown list. In the Name field, you could list "Primary Column" and in the Value field you can enter the formula.

    More information on working with Expressions can be found in the Sync Smartsheet and External Systems With Data Uploader Help article from the Learning Center.

    I hope this helps!



  • Joseph Cormier


    Thanks for the reply.

    I followed your suggestion but that did not work.

    Here is the mapping for the upload.

    Here is the expression that I created.

    The uploader runs but it is still skipping all of the rows.