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HI I am needing help to total survey responses by date. The goal is to be able to have a chart that shows responses by day. So the users fill out a survey and the results come into the sheet. I then have a dashboard that gives the results for the day. However, what i want is a summary by day and this is where i'm struggling. For example, i would want 2/19/21 to be broken into the sum of the 3 choices: Full (6), So-so (9), Depleting (7). And I want this to be captured for each date. So far the survey has 2/17 to 2/23 as dates. I figure I need another sheet to reference and summarize but am struggling with the dates summarizing correctly so that a chart can be generated.


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    Hi @Brendan Purkapile

    Hope you are fine, you can use the following formula to count your responses by date

    =COUNTIFS([How was your day today?]:[How was your day today?], "Full", Date:Date, DATE(2021, 2, 19))

    to count for 19-Feb-2021 and response as "Full" for example

    then you can change the criteria as you wish

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  • thank you for the reply! I am also wondering how to make that formula work so that it can go day by day without having to enter a new date every time. I've tried to do a summary report but can seem to figure it out. Ultimately this data will feed into a chart on a dashboard that i have setup.

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