If Statement just not working

i'm struggling with the if statement in general. I have the following set up in my sheet

Configuration Column - drop down to allow 4 choices (90, 180, 270, 360)

Overall Length - needs to take choice from drop down and have a formula apply depending on the answer (formula applied is using a result from another calculated column - Belt Length Tier)

Belt Length Tier - calculated field

I've tried to just simplify the formula and only have it look for 1 choice and can't get the if statement to work.

this is what i have so far:

=if[Configuration]@row=90,[Belt Length Tier]*0.25,0

on its own [Belt Length Tier]*0.25 formula works, but as soon as I par it with the if formula I receive the dreaded #UNPARSEABLE

I even tried just trying out the if statement with a real easy result, with total failure.


I have moved parentheses around so much, I'm not even sure that is my problem.

Thanks for the help


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