Some users see Dashboards as "View-Only"

We use dashboards to aggregate sheets for our projects; it works well. These sheets and dashboards are effectively created by API automation and they are all consistent replicas of my master template for a project.

We've been using this process (co-developed with our friends at SmarterBusinessProcesses) for a year and it's been a great custom solution.

However, I am having an odd situation where some of my licensed users (who have "editor - can share" permissions) are getting a "read-only" version of some of the dashboards and can't add comments, etc to the sheets.

Does anyone know what publishing or user permission would restrict a dashboard to being "view-only"? It literally says in the title of the dashboard "(view-only)"




  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @h1pst3r88

    Dashboards only have two Sharing Permission settings: you can either be an Admin (or Owner), able to move elements around and edit widgets, or you're a Viewer, able to view the content of the Dashboard. There currently isn't an Editor-specific permission for individual Dashboards.

    If your users are shared with "Editor - Can Share" permissions to the Workspace then they will automatically have Viewer permission for the Dashboard, but can share the entire Workspace with other users to give them access to the Dashboard. See this article on Dashboard sharing for more information: View and Share a Dashboard

    That said, the ability to add comments and edit content in a sheet that's embedded on a Dashboard will depend on the way that you've set up that content. I presume you're using a Published sheet link input as a Web Content Widget into the Dashboard, is that correct? If so, you'll want to ensure that the Publish link you selected has "Edit By Anyone" permissions set. (See: Publish a Sheet).

    Let me know if I've misunderstood the issue and I'd be happy to help further! It would be useful to see a screen capture of the Dashboard in this instance, identifying the widget and content these users are unable to edit (but please block out any sensitive data).