If function


Hi Experts,

I tried to use an IF function to create the following output.

If Name is Peter and XY is NC than result should be 1,5

If Name is Lenn and XY is NC than result should be 1

same as below for Julia.

I start with this:

=IF(AND([Name]@row = "Peter", [XY]@row = "NC"), "1,5") it works but as soon as I add another IF .... I fail.

I tried this

=IF(AND([Name]@row = "Peter", [XY]@row = "NC"), "1,5"), IF(AND([Name]@row = "Lenn", [XY]@row = "NC"), "1")

but got an error.

I would need to check for 5 different names but only for one XY.

But would be good to know to check as well for 2 XY as I need it for another column later as well.

Would be great if you could help me.

Thanks in advanced

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