Set up an attestation?

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My company would like to have everyone in our organization complete an attestation that they agree to a new company change. Originally, I was thinking of sending a form to the whole company, and having everyone check off a box that says something like "I Agree." However, now I am thinking it would look more legitimate if, instead of using a form, I used something similar to an approval workflow... where everyone in the company gets a notification to "attest" and then they just need to click a button (like the approval button) to complete their task.

What would you recommend for an attestation? And if I did go with an approval workflow, would it be possible to send the workflow to the entire company, and then have everyone that went through the workflow populate in a sheet?


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  • Bassam Khalil
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    Hi @Sarah Grand 

    Hope you are fine, yes you can do that as following:

    1- prepare a new sheet contains the following columns:

    a- contact list column each row contains 1 of your employee

    b-the full name of the employee

    c- the department

    b- the employee position

    c- any other information you find it useful to be mentioned in the letter of approval.

    2- design PDF form contains all the above fields as a letter of approval.

    3- add this PDF form using the document builder future for each row.

    4- design your approval workflow to send to the contact in the contact list in this way each employee will receive his approval request.

    5- you can print the PDF form you use in point 3 or you can save this sheet as a legal document on the employee's approval of the new company system.

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  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi @Sarah Grand

    I hope you're well and safe!

    There are a few options.

    • You could send a generic form to everyone.
    • You could send a pre-filled form that looks more legitimate.
    • You could use an Update Request workflow.
    • You could use an Approval Workflow.

    Would any of those options work/help?

    Which one do you prefer?

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic week!


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