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User account question

Beth Kennedy
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

We have a team license and are looking to move to an enterprise license module.  I requested a call from Smartsheet using the web form and haven't heard back from anyone.  Also curious to hear if others are currently using the Enterprise licensing or just adding licenses to the Team account?

Thank you


  • We are using Enterprise, largly because Smartsheet was a new tool and I figured we could use the help, for at least the first year. Turns out it is worth every penny. The CSR's are quick to respond and service is very very good. Hope this helps!

  • How many users do  you have?  We are using the Team as well, but I have a hard time with the only 50 users.  When I look at the cost of going to 51+ users, it goes up by $10,000!!  I am not in IT, even though I am the current admin on Smartsheet.  But if we were to go up to the Enterprize, I think we would move this to IT. 


    My organization started off with Enterprise and one of our contract managers was in charge of smartsheet.  Once our users needed more information regarding what smartsheet was able to do, we quickly decided that IT would need to take over.  I was assigned to be the Administrator and had to just upgrade from 50 to 100 licenses. Our Account Manager was able to get us upgraded easily.  I have been able to gain contact with our Account Manager quickly anytime I've needed them.  If you aren't hearing back from them, there may be something wrong. You may want to try to contact them again.


    One of the best features is that if you have users that do not need to own or create sheets, they do not take up a license but still can add and modify any sheets they are added to.  This worked for us for a while to keep us under 50.  Once we started using it throughout the organization, we quickly needed more.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Beth - I reached out to the representative in charge of your account and he will contact you shortly!

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