Did You Know? Auto Populate Form Fields

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edited 09/11/23 in Smartsheet Basics

In a Workflow you can have Smartsheet send someone a form that has one or more of its fields already filled in with info unique to that instance.

That is, any value on a sheet can be appended to a form link (even for a form belonging to another sheet) so that when the recipient opens the link they don't have to keyboard that data.

Simply include a column with a column formula that looks like this (incorporating it into the Workflow message using the {{Field Name}} feature):

="formurl?Name" + Name@row

The form url is enclosed in quotes along with a question mark and the name of a field you want pre-populated, then you concatenate the cell reference you want placed into that field.

You can chain multiple fields and their contents such as in this example:

="formurl?Name" + [First Name]@row + "%20" + [Last Name]@row + "&Phone=" + Phone@row + "&Email=" + Email@row


• You can't change the name of the field using the Label area in the Field Settings are of the form builder.

• Smartsheet picks up only the first word in a field; it can't swallow space characters within a cell without some help. So if you want a first and last name to appear in a field, you have to draw those from separate cells and bridge them with a %20 character.

Here's what it can look like; when you click the link created by the formula the recipient's name appears automatically in the Requestor Name field: