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I am trialling smartsheet as an event registration option. I need prospects to easily access a form from a link. I understand how to do this, but when I tested the process, the user is asked to log into their smarsheet account, or I assume create an account if they don't have one. This is far too cumbersome for event registration, is there a way non-account holders can just enter their details? That is, am I able to make the form available to anyone?


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    They don't need to have a Smartsheet account.

    You can deactivate the setting that they need to be logged in.

    Security - Require people to login to Smartsheet to access this form.

    By turning this setting on, people who fill out this form will be required to login with their Smartsheet username and password before accessing the form. They do not require a license, just a valid Smartsheet username and password. If a person is already logged in to Smartsheet they will not be required to login again. If they do not have a Smartsheet account they can create one to login and access this form.

    TIP: If this option is enabled, the form submitters will see their email address automatically populated when they check the box to receive a copy of the form responses.

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