New Dashboard Look - Column Widgets Are Now Showing Decimal Points Above Bar Totals


Can someone please advise how to correct the totals above the bars to not show as a decimal? I have 12 dashboards I work with. In Classic View there are no decimal points in the totals above the bars. In the New Look View there are. I really hope this is not something that needs to be corrected in all of my metric sheets via a formula adjustment. I can't find a way to correct this through the Series portion of the pop out panel. Snippet below showing classic vs new view. All other data widgets appear to be working correctly - meaning reports and donuts. Thank you!


  • Michele Phillips
    edited 03/19/21

    So, today it appears that the decimal point issue has resolved itself. Not sure about everyone else, but my bar graph widgets are back to normal. The only other issue I have noticed with the new look is that on some dashboards the widgets take longer to load than others. Some will eventually load and look fine, other times I believe there might be an issue with them timing out. At times I will see some say, "Oops, something went wrong", or "Source unavailable". Other times they load normally, so this is intermittent. Thank you.