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I have an internally corrupted data base. Our people have been inputting the wrong/random ID numbers for the same Model #. I exported some of our data from our database into a Smartsheet to see if I could sort them. Below is snip of a 20,000 row sheet that I want to organize by model number and have all the same Model #'s roll up into there own parent child function. Is there a faster way then going through and indenting all the same model #'s by hand?

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Tanner Henrie

    What about creating a Report from this sheet and then Grouping the Report by the ID? This will automatically create a header row with the ID number and list all the rows beneath it with the same number. A Report will show up to 1250 rows per page, and you can edit cells directly from within it, which will update the source sheet.

    Otherwise, if you want the hierarchy to show within the sheet, then Sorting the sheet by ID number and manually indenting the same numbers is the only way to do this. Hierarchy (parent/child relationships) is a manual process.

    Let me know if the Report option worked for you, or if you want to see screen captures of how to configure the Report.




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