Returning a status if one cell within a range meets criteria



I am tracking some metrics using RYG balls. I have several parent metrics and child metrics under those all with RYG balls for a status. I would like the parent RYG ball to show red if at least one of its child metrics is red, yellow if at least one metric is yellow, and green if all are green. Does Smartsheet have this capability?



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  • Danielle O'Connell
    Danielle O'Connell ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Try this in the parent cell of the column with the status balls:

    =IF(CONTAINS("Red", CHILDREN()), "Red", IF(CONTAINS("Yellow", CHILDREN()), "Yellow", IF(CONTAINS("Green", CHILDREN()), "Green", "-")))

    The last part of the formula "-" is just a value I put in situations like this since if you only have Red, Yellow, Green you should never see the final false value. If you see it you know you have a child cell that is either blank or some other value. Really you could make that whatever you want.


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