Checkboxes in Document Builder


I have check box fields in my PDF. When I map the corresponding field, it appears to make the box bold. How do I get it to show a check or X in the box?


  • Jaykel Torres

    Hey @Connie Torres,

    I can confirm that when a Checkbox Column is mapped to a Checkbox Field within a Fillable PDF, it will "bold" the Checkbox (to indicate that is has been mapped to a Column). When the Checkbox Column/Cell is Checked, then a Document is generated, the PDF should show a checkmark within the Checkbox; the "check" symbol currently can not be changed to another. We don't currently have this functionality, but you may submit an Enhancement Request via this form for our Product Team to consider for development. Your input is always appreciated!

    Feel free to review our Help Article: Document Builder: Map Columns to Your Fillable PDF for more on this topic.

    I hope this helps!