Auto-numbering for Sub-items / Hierarchical Relationships


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I would like to know if there are any plans for updating the Auto-numbering system to take account of hierarchical relationships, such as:



1.1.1 ... and so on.

I have seen a few posts on this forum from years back which have requested this feature, with confirmation from Smartsheet employees that this was in the works (, so it I find it surprising that this still hasn't been done.

Further to this, is there a work-around I can implement in the interim in order to implement a numbering system that takes this into account? Any solution would be most welcome!

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  • Debbie Sawyer
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    @Gerhard da Costa Pinto

    This is an interesting thread. I followed the links that Andree put up and experiemented with that sheet. These are my results:

    In my humble opinion, this solution doesn't work, the numbers are NOT what I would expect from a WBS. EDIT!!! After posting this I went back to the sheet where I took the above screen grab and it had saved and amended all the WBS code to a code that WAS Correct!! Weird that it saved like this first though!

    The same parent list in my sheet comes out with these results:

    APOLOGIES - I noticed my screen shot above has incorrect Level4 within the numeric only code, that is due to me only coding up to level 3 in that column! I only developed this as an exercise for myself! I went up to Level 4 in the Alpha and level 3 in the numeric. Have adapted the IF to state no level 4!

    Happy to share you to the sheet if you'd like to see how this was achieved.

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