Is there any cloud-based reporting platform that works well with Smartsheet? Text reports, not viz

James Keuning
James Keuning ✭✭✭✭✭
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I use the live data connector and MS Access to report smartsheet data, and it works great for my purposes, but I want to distribute reporting capabilities enterprise-wide. Are there any cloud-based solutions to transform Smartsheet data into reports. Here is an example of what I am talking about, it's pretty simple:



  • Hey @James Keuning,

    Great question. There currently is not an integration that can do this directly but you may be able to perform this action with a Formula and the Document Builder feature. Since Document Builder can generate a PDF file based on Row data, we can leverage the INDEX and COUNT Functions to "pivot" your Column into a Row. I have created the example below on how this may look like:

    Formula: =INDEX(Animal:Animal, COUNT(Animal@row:$Animal@row))

    You will want to create the Formula on the 2nd Column and Drag/Fill it to the right to ensure that the COUNT Function's range changes dynamically.

    Please note that there must be a value within the Primary Column at the Cell where the Formula lies (in this case it is "Pivot") or the Formula will return an error.

    Once this has been created, you can then use Document Builder to Map the Columns to specific Fields within a Fillable PDF and finally generate the "Report".

    I hope this helps!