Link latest update from one smartsheet to another

Hello everyone!

I am having a bit of trouble trying to come up with a formula that will automatically pull the latest update from one smartsheet and copy it to a cell in a different smartsheet.

The latest updates are entered via a form by the users and the latest rows are shown at the top of the sheet:

I want to copy the Concatenated cell from the top row (Row ID 7) to a cell in the "Update" column in a different sheet.

The problem I'm facing is that when a user completes the form again to add the latest status, the newest update is not reflected in the second sheet. In this case, the updates column will continuously show Update 3 in the cell despite there being a new entry submitted into first sheet.

Is there any way that I can create a link or formula that will update the cell in the second sheet to reflect the topmost cell in the concatenated column of the first sheet?


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