Card View by "Assigned To" does not show up when multiple people are assigned a task

Answered - Pending Review

Multiple people can be assigned to a task using this method:

Once this is done, however, you will not be able to view by "Assigned To" in Card View. Is there any solution to this?


  • Hi @Rainer Ng

    You are correct, currently Contact List columns that allow for multiple contacts can't be viewed as lanes in Card View. (See Work with Card View Lanes.) Please let our Product Team know about your use-case and feedback by filling in this form, here!

    In the meantime, you could have one Contact List column which identifies the primary person assigned to the task (using this as the Lanes in your card view), then set up a second Contact List column which allows for multiple contacts as the rest of the team members. These names wouldn't appear as lanes, but they would still be associated with the task.



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