Columns do not line up if hidden if referencing 'in' from another sheet


I am referencing a single row of pertinent information into "Sheet #A, Master" from multiple other sheets "Content Sheet #b"; "Content Sheet #c"; "Content Sheet #d"; and so on.

That works, but when I first build the link ALL of the columns in "Sheet #A, Master" need to be unhidden first.

This is definitely a rich person problem, but it is super annoying, especially if I forget and then have to redo the links. Am I missing some simple step in referencing in from another sheet so the data goes into it's proper, but hidden column rather than putting data only into visible columns in the "Sheet #A, Master" sheet?

Many thanks!

See attached. Row 7 was added with all Columns unhidden, Row 8 was added with a few columns hidden, and the data got shifted. Step1 shows the 'good row 7' with those columns hidden AFTER the Row7 data was added. Row8 was then added, and the data is shifted as shown in Step2 with all columns unhidden.


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