Can I visualize more than Column at a Calendar Report and Can the Text Wrap

First, really have enjoyed the tool, and continue to.

I have built customized calendars for different team stakeholder off the project plan so they only receive key milestone visualizations and the activities that may demand time on them and their teams specifically. The calendars are delivered via PDF through a Smartsheet Report. We expect these to be well-received and will ground individuals in their team's overall role to the project plan, without distracting them with the full calendar of activities not relevant to their group.

I do not believe this is possible with the current design of Smartsheet, but wanted to use this forum to submit my vote for these product enhancements to be added to the pipeline:

  1. In calendar view, the activity/task text (the primary column) gets cut-off at ~36 characters (letters and spaces). In other words, the calendar does not seem to “wrap text” even when the space is available in the calendar.
  2. I can only seem to reference one column to display at each of these calendar labels (just the activity/task, i.e. the primary column of the sheet) and cannot add additional data from other columns (like estimated delivery time demand requirements) in addition to the primary column. I realize I could add this to the primary column labeling, but it would be manual (not ideal) and run into the cut-off issue at (1) above.

I see I am not the first to bring up a vote for both these features:

Here is the archived post I saw on issue (1) above posed by the community, and here is the archived post for issue (2) above.

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