IF formula for Days Past Due


New wrinkle to a previous issue. I now need to add more exclusion text to a formula. I want to show days past due if the text in the cell is NOT "Complete", "Excluded", or "Deferred". This is my current formula: =IF(Status7 <> "Complete", IF(TODAY() - [Due Date]7 >= 0, TODAY() - [Due Date]7)). How do I add the terms "Excluded" and "Deferred" after "Completed"? I tried to use the OR syntax but couldn't get it to work correctly.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Scott Peloquin,

    The AND function is the one you're looking for! If it's not this and it's not this and it's not this... then do the following.

    Try this:

     =IF(AND(Status@row <> "Complete", Status@row <> "Excluded", Status@row <> "Deferred"), IF(TODAY() - [Due Date]7 >= 0, TODAY() - [Due Date]7))



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  • André Neuhaus

    Hello Scott

    Try this. For every value you want to exclude, you simply add the @cell="xxxx" within the

    =IF(COUNTIF(Status@row, OR(@cell = "Complete", @cell = "Excluded", @cell = "Deferred")) = 1, IF(TODAY() - [Due Date]@row >= 0, TODAY() - [Due Date]@row))

    Hope it works