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I am attempting to connect SMARTSHEET to my project app with an API. I am very lost and would appreciate any guidance. Is Data Uploader needed?



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  • Are you trying to create a service to do batch updates for a smartsheet or are you trying to use some file to update a smartsheet? Both are possible, but they are very different approaches.

  • Hello @Johnathan Vargas Cruz

    Thank you for replying. I utilize an app for project creation and completion at my company. I am trying to connect a SMARTSHEET to it for scheduling purposes. I was given an API to use to pull the project information. I hope I am answering your question.



  • The API pulls information from your company's application, correct?

    If you want to go the Data Uploader route, get the API to produce a file (like a CSV or XLSX), then upload the file through Data Uploader. You'd have to manually update the smartsheet every time you've a change, but it's pretty simple to do.

    If you want to go the batch update route, add a service (either in the existing application your company uses or a new one) that makes HTTP requests to smartsheet containing the data from your API. There is plenty of documentation of how the requests should look like available here:

  • Shahara Anderson
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    @Johnathan Vargas Cruz, yes that is correct. The API pulls from my company's application.

    Thanks for the information. I will give it a try.