Sheet summary values not updating on dashboard

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I'm having issues with fairly basic date based formulas not updating in a dashboard.

A sheet I have that has

7 Columns

23 Rows

0 Calculations on the sheet itself

and 3 basic formulas in sheet summary columns

  1. =IF(COUNTIFS(Date:Date, TODAY(), Shift:Shift, "1st") > 0, "Green", "Red")
  2. =IF(COUNTIFS(Date:Date, TODAY(), Shift:Shift, "2nd") > 0, "Green", "Red")
  3. =IF(MAX(COLLECT(Created:Created, Shift:Shift, "3rd")) > MAX(COLLECT(Created:Created, Shift:Shift, OR(@cell = "1st", @cell = "2nd"))), "Green", "Red")

The sheet summary values will not update in the dashboard when users submit form entries without me manually going into the sheet and saving it, and even then it is still taking a while.

I'm starting to have quite a few speed issues with several of my smartsheets, but this one in particular is perplexing as I don't see any reason why this would ever have a problem updating. Is anyone else seeing these issues coming up?

I've submitted a ticket to the support center as well.


  • Heather Duff
    Heather Duff ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @L@123 ,

    I have not experienced that problem, but I'm sure it's frustrating! One workaround would be able to create a separate roll-up sheet with cross-sheet references to compile that summary data. Then you can have your widgets pull the data from the separate sheet. I have (so far) had no trouble with my roll-up sheets updating almost instantaneously, and updating on the dashboards just as quickly.

    Hope this helps!