Calculating Difference Between Multiple Dates


Curious if there's a single formula to calculate difference between Planned and Actual for both start date and end date? Trying to get the Total Time +/- value.




  • Amy Platt
    Amy Platt ✭✭✭


    Have you tried either the NETWORKDAYS or NETDAYS formula? NETWORKDAYS will give you the # of work days between the 2 and NETDAYS will give you the # of days between the 2 (including non-working days). The column where you are entering the formula should not be a date field.

    Hope this helps!


  • Hi Amy,

    Yes, the column for the formula isn't a date field plus the NETWORKDAYS &/or NETDAYS works but only for calculating 2 dates (Planned Start - Actual Start).

    My aim is a formula (using any available) that can calculate the total of all 4 dates.

    Ex. = (Planned Start - Actual Start) + (Planned Finish - Actual Finish)

    I've tried a variety of ways to write it but keep coming up with errors.