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Import list of users, what about dupes of existing users?

I want to import a list of 500 users into SmartSheet as unlicensed users.

But what happens if they already exist as a licensed user in SmartSheet?

Will Smartsheet leave existing user accounts alone, or will it override existing settings?

Or will it create duplicate accounts?


  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    I think you mean import as Contacts, not Users? 

    I would de dupe your list first, so you have clear definition between your various collaborators. 

    So what you will end up with is... 

    Licensed Users

    Unlicensed Users ( who you have some control over and can track as resources) 

    Contacts. Everyone else. 


    Hope that helps?


  • Clark.


    It will skip those users. If the CSV is entirely users that are licensed (or have bad email addresses), you will receive a message saying no invites have been sent with details.


    The amount of users skipped will display at the top via a dropdown toast.



  • Hi Richard and Ben,

    Thanks for the input. This is for importing unlicensed users so they can view and edit sheets, not contacts. It looks like the email is the record key, so we should be allright.


  • Benjamin Walker
    Benjamin Walker Employee
    edited 04/04/17



    You'd likely want to share them, not invite them to the org. Inviting them to the org does not necessarily give them access to sheets/workspaces



  • These are all internal users within our organization. We want to have them already listed as a user so when we share a sheet it does not require sending them an invite or doing any special processes. And they are available as an email record when using an "assign to" column. 

    Does that make sense?



  • Clark,


    Gotcha, understood. I would suggest consolidating the orgs/individuals into one org for this to work correctly. Simply inviting licensed users via CSV that already have licenses will skip these users and they will not show up in the type-ahead.



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