Limited characters for a condition within a workflow?



I am working on setting up a workflow in my Smartsheet. One of the conditions I want to setup is from an existing drop down menu I created in the Smartsheet. Within this drop down, there is an item with a longer title that does not show up as an option to choose in the Condition portion of the workflow. Is there a character limit within the condition portion of the workflow whereas if the options you are looking to select are longer than a certain amount of characters they won't show up to choose in the workflow? I wouldn't say this drop down item is very large; it is 130 characters long (with spaces). I tried to shorten as best as I could but it still wasn't showing up even when I shortened it a bit. Still think its too long. I also tried deleting and re-adding and still won't show up. Any work arounds for this?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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