Resourcing Data Sent to Report or Dashboard Widget?

Answered - Pending Review


I'm a PM trying to create a dashboard for each of my staff with a one-stop-shop for their calendar, tasks, timesheet, etc. What I'm hoping for is the addition of their resourcing for the week (80% Monday, 90% Tuesday, 60% Wednesday, etc.) as a widget on the Dashboard. I don't see that as an option, in terms of adding one person's resourcing % as a widget. Is there something I'm missing or is that supposed to be this way?


  • Hi @Ethan Moses

    There currently isn't a way to display a Resource View type of Report in a Dashboard, or the metrics from this Report. (Please let our Product team know about your feedback and request by filling in this form, here.)

    You would need to create your own Row Report or calculate the metrics in a separate sheet in order to bring it into a Dashboard.



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