Auto Allocating A Person


I maybe asking a bit much here but, here goes.....

I want to be able to allocate a person to a task based on the Dept and Quarter No.

I have set up a File Review Allocations sheet that shows the number of file reviews required per year by Dept based on whether the reviewer is full time or part time (see last two columns in screen shot below):

Based on the quarter and dept, I want to take the Allocation person across to auto populate my management list (as per the below screen shot):

My absolute ideal solution would be to be able to populate right number of rows in the [Quarter File Review Allocated To] in the Management list to the corresponding number file reviews needed in that quarter based on the top sheet (File Review Allocations sheet) but, because of the split between PT and FT, I'm thinking this is optimistic?!

I was wondering whether to book a pro desk session to discuss with someone from Smartsheet but, I'm open to suggestions and may even be getting into the 'impossible' realms! 😊 I'm sure I'm reaching the real limit of what smartsheet can do at this point!!



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