Has anyone figured out how to convert leads from Salesforce using the SmartSheet connector?


I am looking to have some of my team members fully work out of SmartSheet, and use SalesForce as our database. Specifically, we'd like to allow our reps to fully work out of smartsheet, and that requires them to convert leads within the tool.

Has anyone accomplished this? We only have a few validation rules, all are required fields.


  • Streamline Technology

    Hi Gavin,

    You would need to connect the field on the salesforce record the triggers the conversion to your smartsheet. Your users would edit that field in your sheet, and the salesforce connector would feed it back to the salesforce record, triggering the conversion.

  • Gavin Gratson

    I've already connected the conversion field, but when an lead is converted it's converted into 3 new objects. The Account, Contact, and Opportunity names all need to be confirmed as part of this process. What additional steps besides mapping the Lead Status to fully convert the lead?