Assign and allocate an entire project to only one person ?



I am trying to do resource capacity planning, but at the project level.

Here is my setup:

  • I have one project per sheet
  • Each projects are quite small, they have around 15-20 tasks and subtasks
  • I use dependencies and resource management
  • Here is an example of a project:

I want to assign the whole project to a single person, at let's say, 30% of his time.

I cannot set the "% Allocation" field for the first row as it has children.

What are my options for assigning the whole project to a single person, set an Allocation percentage, have that percentage taken into account in Resource Management ?

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  • Aravind GP
    Aravind GP ✭✭✭

    Hi Charles,

    You might need to assign each lowest level task to the same person and since the dates are different, add Allocation % as 30% for each lowest level task row. This way, the allocation percentage will show up in Resource Management against the resource to whom you've tagged the project.



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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hi @Charles de la Sablonnière

    @Aravind GP is correct, you will need to assign the person to each of the children rows in order to accurately track what tasks this user is assigned to. Parent rows show a summary of the child rows, so it's possible that there are three child tasks on the same day, which would mean your user is at 90% for that day (30% for each task).

    You can drag-fill (see here) a user down the sheet to quickly assign each row to them, or you could use the Assign People workflow (see here) to automatically assign the same person to each row as soon as data has been entered.

    This Help Article has more information on Resource Management:



  • CJU
    CJU ✭✭✭✭✭


    Is it not possible to assign a project manager as the primary resource, responsible for a particular sheet. Certainly, there may be others assigned to individual tasks but the PM is responsible as a whole. I would then be able to generate a report on number of projects (sheets) per PM.