How can I add a link to a shared file from Dynamic View?

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I have a dynamic view where my team members can manage the requests assigned to them and they need to add links to the reference documents for their projects.

Currently the "Attach file" option in the dynamic view shows the desktop folder. How can we add a link to a file from Google Drive? We do see the option in the source sheet but not in the dynamic view.


  • Hi @Ivonne Mejia

    Currently Dynamic View has different functionality than the source sheet and only allows attachments from your desktop (please let our Product Team know about your request through this form, here!).

    That said, I have seen users be able to attach files from Google Drive to Dynamic View if they have Google Drive configured to show up in their Finder menu (see here).

    Alternatively, you could use the Comment feature in Dynamic View to post the URL link to the online file.

    I hope that helps!



  • Ivonne MejiaIvonne Mejia ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks Genevieve. I tried adding the link from the Google Drive folder, but I get an error "Network Error".

    I don't get that error if I attach the link directly in the source sheet.

  • Hi @Ivonne Mejia

    Do you receive the same error when testing from a different browser? (Ex. Chrome)

    If so, then I may have been mistaken, my apologies, and you may need to post the URL to the file instead of attaching it directly.

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