Work-back date calculation in proj mgmt template?


I have a large-scale event we run 2x/year, and the scheduling works best as a work-back based on the event date (since there is no extending the delivery date). I want to set up a template so that the start and end dates are are set basically as calculation: [event date cell]-180 (so 180 days before the event date).

My template isn't accepting a date calculation in the start date column. What is the best way to accomplish this, so every time we use the template, all we have to do is change the event date, and everything else will magically be updated?


  • Cody Holmes
    Cody Holmes ✭✭✭✭
    1. Make sure that your Event Date column is set to a date column type.
    2. Do the same for your Start Date column type.
    3. In the Start Date column, enter your formula: [Event Date]@row - 180
    4. After you enter the formula into one cell, you can right-click the cell and select the "Convert to Cell Formula" to apply the formula for the whole column.

    Let me know if that worked out for you. Ensure that your Start Date is not your primary column, too.

    Hope that helps. 👍😎👍 -C.