Specify Row Number to Create a Card



In Grid view my last row with data is #19. When I create a card in Card view, it creates it in row #57. Why won't it create it in the next empty row, #20? Not sure why it's created so far down the Grid view rows.

This is problematic because I have formulas with range of rows #6 to #30. So the new card is outside the range and not getting calculated.

Is there a way to specify the row # to create the new card after?



  • Neil Watson
    Neil Watson ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    I would try to select row #20, and then hold shift and down arrow and select all the rows down to the bottom of the sheet. Right-click, delete & save. This clears all empty rows.

    New cards added should go to #20.

  • Miriam Lee

    Hi Neil,

    Thank you for replying! Yes, I had tried that before, but ran into an issue where my formulas (which are on the first 4 rows) were automatically updated after deleting the empty rows so that the 'end' row is #19 vs. #30. So when I create a new card (#20) in Card View, it falls outside the revised range (after rows are deleted).

    The problem is easily solved by switching to Grid View and creating the new rows there, but was hoping there was a way I wouldn't need to switch back/forth, and app would "know" after row #19 it's all empty rows, so would automatically create new card, or row with data, in #20. Not sure if there's a product suggestion section here, but I'll see if I can submit it.


  • Kyle Hughes

    Hi Miriam,

    Did you ever figure out the answer to this? I'm having the same exact issues. I don't understand why it wouldn't just fill in the next empty row..