Sending Scheduled Attachment with over view


I am trying to schedule a daily email and when I do, it only sends the smartsheet in an excel file but no overview in the email like you get when automations are triggered. How can I get it to send both, the file and an overview?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Diego Casillas Zaragoza

    It sounds like you're using the "Send as Attachment" feature and scheduling this on a daily basis, is that correct? (See: Set Up Recurrence for Sending a File Attachment)

    If so, there currently isn't a way to display all the rows of the sheet within the email as well, users will need to download the file to see the row information.

    At this time Smartsheet can either send a recurring email with the sheet attached as a file or it can send out a preview through an automated workflow based on specific criteria, but there is no way to combine these two features and do both in one email. Please let our Product team know that this is something you would find useful by filling in this form, here!