New to smart sheets

Good afternoon I am trying to take 2 columns, Date created and Days in pipeline and have it update daily so if I put a new sale in my pipeline on 4/20/2021 under the date created column I want it to update daily in the days in pipeline column. For example if today is the 28th it should show 8 as in 8 days in the pipeline. I have searched a million formulas but I keep getting error messages and I am soooo confused and frustrated. If anyone could explain in detail how to do this not just write the formula for me which would be great, but explain to me where to put what in each column with regards to the formula and how to have it work for every name I add to a new row. If anyone could help me I would be so grateful I am on a trial and want to pull the trigger because I really like this but I wanted to see everything I need first to make sure I can use it easily.

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