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I have a sheet with over 40 areas, each having a separate 'Summary' based on the two formulas.

Number of Audits

=SUMIFS(Pass:Pass, [Area #]:[Area #], "Area 01")


=SUMIFS(Pass:Pass, [Area #]:[Area #], "Area 01") / SUMIFS(Audits:Audits, [Area #]:[Area #], "Area 01")

Is there a way to combine these two, so that the information is in one field instead of two?

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  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi @Francis Chinchar

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    Try something like this.

    Number of Audits

    =SUMIFS(Pass:Pass, [Area #]:[Area #], "Area 01") +" - "+SUMIFS(Pass:Pass, [Area #]:[Area #], "Area 01") / SUMIFS(Audits:Audits, [Area #]:[Area #], "Area 01")

    Did that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Francis Chinchar
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    Thank you for your help, i have it figured out, using the Round command.

    =SUMIFS(Pass:Pass, [Area #]:[Area #], "Area 07") + " - " + Round((SUMIFS(Pass:Pass, [Area #]:[Area #], "Area 07") / SUMIFS(Audits:Audits, [Area #]:[Area #], "Area 07"))*100,2) + "%"


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