Message in a bulk email

When a user get a single request the message shows as I have it in the workflow, see this example.

But when it is a bulk request, so 7 or more rows going to the same email the message I have in the workflow does not appear or when you click on the "open update form" either. Here is an example of the bulk email with no message, it just shows "please update my online sheet" how can I get the messaging in the workflow to appear in the bulk request?


  • Krissia B.
    Krissia B. Moderator

    Hello @Kimberlee Maciel ,


    Upon further review and my testing, I am unable to replicate the same issue you are having. I have created a test for single and multiple row request with large message attach to it and both email notification shows the custom message. May you please provide the way you have your automation setup like screenshots (please block out any sensitive data) as well as additional details on this.


    I'm providing the following images below of what my tests setup looks like for reference.


    Single Row Request


    10 Row Request Message


    Single Row Automation Setup with custom message included.

    Multiple Row Request with Custom Message


    Im linking the following resources below for more info on this.




  • Is there a way to get the message to show that is in the workflow without initiating a multi row request? so if I have a user that is getting an update request from me for 6+ rows Smartsheets bundles them into a bulk request like I have shown above and the message that is in the workflow is missing/dropped. How do I can that message to appear when an update request for 6+ rows is being sent to the same user?

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Kimberlee Maciel

    To clarify, it sounds like you are using placeholders in your custom text, or referencing a column name {{in these}} to use dynamic cell data, and this is what's causing the behaviour you're experiencing.

    Placeholders will generate separate notifications if six or fewer rows are triggered simultaneously. If seven or more rows are triggered at once, the custom subject and body will be removed. (See the bottom of this Help Article: Dynamically Add Cell Data in the Subject and Body of Request Messages.)

    You'll notice that in @Krissia's example above she has 10 alerts all grouped together, yet the same custom message still appears. This is because the message in that specific alert does not include {{placeholders}}.

    What is the trigger for your workflow? Are you able to adjust this or add conditions so that it will send less than 7 rows at one time?



  • AHHH this is great info, thank you very much!!