Obtain UPPER(LEFT with multiple FIND options


I'm very new to smartsheets and to function formulas. I have a list of server names and I'm trying to obtain the location from our naming standard. I got it to work for all servers that are Production, "pl" but now I have staging servers "sl".

Example server names in my Hostname column:




The function I got to work with just the "PL" names is:

=UPPER(LEFT(Hostname@row, FIND("pl", Hostname@row) - 1))

I've been banging my head for 2 days trying to figure this out. 😫 But I just can't figure out how to add in the new search criteria to include server names that have SL . If anyone has anything I could try, that would be great!

Also, any suggestions on how to best learn function formulas - seems like smartsheets loves these 😊


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