Enhancement Request: Sheet Name on Update Requests

I've searched and haven't seen this topic posted yet. Our company has hundreds of individual projects running simultaneously, so when I send an update request to an individual there is no indication which project the request is referring to. I realize that I could add a column that is populated with only the project name, but first, that seems redundant, and second, that column appears in reports, yet you cannot select it as a field in the update request.

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Darcy Gibbs

    Is this a manual Update Request or an Automation?

    In an automation, if you don't add a custom Subject to your workflow message, then the Subject by default will include the sheet name in the workflow, saying "Update Request for Sheet Name".

    Additionally, when the request is sent from an automation, the sheet name appears at the bottom of the email, like so. See: Automatically Request Updates on Tasks

    However if you're manually sending a row out for an update, then you're correct, the sheet name does not appear in the email. You will want to manually add the sheet name and any other custom information into the message of this email or subject line at the same time as sending out the request:

    If you're looking to have the sheet name automatically included when sending a manual update request, please let our Product team know about your enhancement request by filling in this form, here.

    Thank you!