I have three checkbox fields and need to return a value in a separate, single field

I have three checkbox fields (Submitted, Approved and Rejected). I need to return a value based on which checkbox is checked. I can get it to work with the IF function separately, i cannot get it to deliver and value if two checkboxes are checked.

Example: If Submitted is checked, it returns the value of "Submitted". If both the submitted and approved checkboxes are checked i cannot get it to return the value of Approved.

=IF(Submitted@row=true, "Submitted", IF(Accepted@row=true,"Approved", IF(Cancelled@row=true, "Declined")))

I have tried AND / OR without success. Regardless of the order it always make the checkbox to the left the priority.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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  • MCorbin
    MCorbin Overachievers Alumni
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    You were close - just need to reverse the order of your if statements:

    =IF(Cancelled@row = 1, "Declined", IF(Accepted@row = 1, "Approved", IF(Submitted@row = 1, "Submitted", "Pending")))

    Note: I also added "Pending" as a default in case nothing is checked.... but you may not need that....


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