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Hello everyone,

I am using Smartsheet to manage a product database. The master sheet contains all the relevant data company wide and it automatically passes the information to specific sheets for certain regions based on automation. I created a form that allows me to add a product to the master sheet but I've run into a situation with the primary column.

The columns in the sheets are "Region (Primary)," "Region," "Department," "Item Name," and "Price." As the primary column can only be text, I duplicated the data in the "Region (Primary)" column and created a "Region" drop down list. The form I created that can be used to add a product has both "Region (Primary)" and "Region" listed. The challenge is because the "Region (Primary)" is a text field, people can enter whatever they want to. I would like to find a way to ensure the value in the "Region" field is the same as the "Region (Primary)" field. Is there a way to use logic to copy the value chosen from the dropdown list associated with "Region" to the "Region (Primary)" field?

Thank you for your help.


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