Interesting ways to use smartsheet that are not business related


One of the ways I learned Excel was to create spreadsheets that did things that were of interest to me. A database of my library, my own checking account tracker, things that were not business related but let me noodle around with Excel's capabilities and, basically, learn how to use Excel.

I'm not finding anything like this in my Google searches. My question:

Is anyone here using Smartsheet in a non-business way that might be interesting for me to play with?


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You could do the same things in Smartsheet. Create the library database but then create a metrics sheet to pull counts for each genre.

    Record your reading time, number of pages read, book/genre using a quick form and then have a metrics sheet calculate how much time you spend reading each genre or how fast you read each genre and then use a graph/chart on a dashboard to plot it out and look at trends.

    You can do the same with a checking account tracker where you pull metrics per month and use a dashboard to chart out daily/monthly/yearly trends.

    I built out a fuel economy tracker for my personal vehicle. Every time I fill up the tank, I submit a quick form with the date, mileage, and gallons, then on the sheet I have column formulas to calculate the mpg for each fill-up as well as a rolling average and have them graphed out on a dashboard alongside trends.