Does anyone use Smartsheet to organize Customer Success work?

I have a not too complex and pretty clear use case for customer success (CS) work. Question is whether I use a dedicated CS Saas solution or whether I use Smartsheet.

Situation at the moment:

The core CS information/date is managed in simple sheets. I have 20 or so data attributes to handle, I am not interested in sentiment scores tracking usage. I want to track status information and some performance data.

The value add of a platform solution such as Smartsheet would be to provide task management functions, alerts and notifications, a list view/dashboard view per user, centralized data handling such as CRM data.

I have colleagues in another department who started to integrate a Smartsheet solution (primarily project management focussed). Ideally, the CS team would sync with this process, e.g. taking over data, being in data sync.

Would be good to hear from the community about Smartsheet in use for CS.