Conditional Logic not working


I built a form, which has a multi select dropdown listing the days of the week. Then below that I have 3 fields (time, hours, description) for each day. I added logic that says "if days of week has any of Monday, show the 3 fields for Monday", and I did this for each day of the week. So when I go to the form, until one or more days is selected, it is supposed to not show any of those fields for the day. But if I select say Monday, then it will show the 3 fields for Monday. This was working great, but somehow all the logic part was deleted, when I was duplicating the form and now I am recreating it, and I cannot get it to work. Here are some screenshots of my setup.


  • cpholmes28

    Not sure what was going on, but I ended up creating a new form, and added the logic, tested, and it worked great. Then I created a duplicate form, and tested and it also worked. I must have changed something on my sheet and it messed up the form logic or something. That being said, unless someone knows where I went wind initially, I got it figured out.