Index/Match, Collect, or Vlookup


I am trying to pull dates over from another sheet and matching on a unique value that is present in both sheets. However, the source sheet has the same unique value repeated multiple times and I want to return the date that IS populated.

1) {Schedule - DRL CMP WEQ Range 3} : this is the source range that contains the data I need populated in the target sheet

2) [E_ID]@row: This is what I am matching on in the target sheet (unique identifier highlighted in yellow)

3) {Schedule - DRL CMP WEQ Range 2}: This is the range where the unique identifier is in the source sheet

Index/Match: =INDEX({Schedule - DRL CMP WEQ Range 3}, MATCH([E_ID]@row, {Schedule - DRL CMP WEQ Range 2}, 0)). This formula matches on the first instance of the match and returns the blank cells (orange highlight). I need to return the dates that are the green highlights.

I'm thinking a collect formula might be the answer but I can't seem to get it to work.



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