Automatic status update of successor based on predecessor completion


I'm working on a project timeline using the Gantt view. I have all the steps, duration, predecessor and status (not started, on hold, in progress, complete) set. Can I automatically change the status of successor to in progress when the predecessor status is changes to complete?




  • Krissia B.
    Krissia B. Moderator



    Upon further review and testing on this, essentially an IF statement would be something you will apply to reference the predecessor row. Format of the formula is similar however each of them are unique due to you changing the cell reference for each row. See image below for a sample.


    Formula used: =IF([Predecessor Status]1 = "Complete", "In Progress")

    • The "1" in the "Predecessor Status" represents the predecessor cell that has the "Complete" status. This will have to be changed to reference if you have different predecessor row.


    Visit the links below for more information on this.


    If you have more questions, provide us with screenshots of your sheet and what you have setup so far (please block out any sensitive data) so we can further assist.


    Hope this helps!